"George Elvin has spoken at five of our global BOND Events, and he continues to educate, stimulate and captivate our audiences to a level unmatched by any other speaker."
– Oliver Needs, Director, BOND Events


My talks on post-petroleum design and other green strategies have inspired audiences in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas for decades.


Sample Talk Topic: Post-Petroleum Building Materials 

We use more oil to make plastic building products than for any other use except transportation and consumer products. And while plastics have many advantages, they are drawing increasing attention in green building. Polyvinyl chloride faces growing restrictions for health reasons, and global plastic production generates two billion tons of CO2 annually. But alternatives that offer the advantages of plastic with fewer environmental and health concerns are on the rise. Join Dr. George Elvin for a tour of Post-Petroleum Building Materials — new materials that use much less oil than ordinary ones. You’ll see how innovations in bioplastics, nanotechnologies, and hi-tech twists on traditional materials are leading to greater energy independence, health and sustainability in architecture.

Selected Speaking Engagements

2014       Indianapolis             Post-Petroleum Building Materials

2013       Nashville                  Post-Petroleum Design

2012       Split, Croatia            Nanotechnology and Interior Design: Breakthroughs and Precautions

2011        Buenos Aires           Nanotechnology and Materials: Risks and Rewards

               Boston                      New Clean Technologies for Green Building

               Las Vegas                Nanotechnology for Interior Design

2010       Indianapolis             Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Design and Construction

               Limassol, Cyprus     Nanotechnology for Green Architecture

               Los Angeles             New Clean Technologies for Green Building

               San Diego                Nanotechnology for Smart, Sustainable Buildings

               Sao Paolo, Brazil     Nanotechnology: Next Wave Technology for Interior Design

               Singapore                Cost-Effective Intelligent Green Building


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