Ben Kander, Founder & CEO of WELLY, named his new creation after his mother,Elly, who passed away from cancer when he was just 22. He’s come up with a 100% BPA- and phthalate-free bottle that filters water and can be used long enough to replace up to 300 disposable water bottles. “This 24 oz. bottle,” adds Kander, “is made with natural, renewable resources including bamboo for its panels and coconut shells for its filter.”

WELLY’s Kickstarter campaign is off to as strong start, bringing in more than the $50,000 Kander set as a target. He started the campaign because, as he told, he “wanted to make sure people wanted the product.” And, he added, “it looks like they do.” WELLY’s Kickstarter campaign runs through June 18.

And as a way of giving back, the company is donating $1 for every bottle purchased to sustainable clean water projects in developing countries.